Why choose radioGAUGE?

What are the benefits for radio operators?

radioGAUGE is a great way of getting large advertisers to talk seriously about radio. radioGAUGE has measured more than 750 campaigns for over 170 advertisers from a wide range of product categories.


This success has played a key role in growing UK radio advertising revenues, even amongst non-core categories like FMCG. For example, advertisers such as P&G, Unilever, Kellogg’s, Reckitt Benckiser, Mars, Kraft and Nestle who have used radioGAUGE have increased their spend on radio by 12% in 3 years.

The UK experience proves that radioGAUGE increases advertiser confidence in the medium and encourages brands to increase their investment in radio ahead of other media.

In 2012 advertisers tested on radioGAUGE increased their year-on-year radio investment by 24% compared to an increase across the wider radio market of only 1.4%, equating to a £33m revenue benefit to the UK radio industry.

There is simply no more credible or cost effective way to measure radio advertising effectiveness today.


“radioGAUGE has allowed the UK RAB to build deeper and more robust relationships with a wider range of advertisers built on the solid platform of effectiveness data for their brands. This in turn has helped deliver a £33m revenue benefit to the UK radio industry in 2012 alone, at an ROI of £248 for every £1 invested in the study”
Mark Barber, Planning Director, UK RAB

“Hundreds of consumers have told us during our in-depth research interviews just what makes a radio message resonate with them allowing us to provide proper insight, based on solid effectiveness research”
Norman Gibson, General Manager, RAB South Africa

10 reasons to use radioGAUGE

1. radioGAUGE is a system for growing radio advertising revenue through groundbreaking research. In the UK in 2012 it delivered a return on investment (ROI) of £248 for every £1 invested in research.

2. radioGAUGE has been thoroughly tested and is trusted by many of the world’s biggest advertisers – it has evaluated over 750 radio advertising campaigns and earned enormous credibility.

3. radioGAUGE has the most sustainable business model in the market – it requires little or no input from advertisers or media agencies to operate effectively and its cost structure makes it easy to test a lot of radio campaigns over a long period of time.

4. radioGAUGE offers access to the world’s largest database of radio ad campaign results. The performance of each brand tested can be compared against a wide range of market sector, audience demographic and national territory benchmarks.

5. radioGAUGE is scalable – it can produce robust data for a large number of radio ad campaigns within a wide range of budgets and can grow or shrink in size very easily.

6. radioGAUGE is flexible – it operates in online, telephone and face-to-face interview methodologies and uses the latest survey technologies to collect robust data.

7. radioGAUGE works effectively in any language and already operates in 7 languages across the world.

8. radioGAUGE delivers engaging, client-ready PowerPoint reports for each campaign tested and a provides users with a computerised database containing all benchmark data and survey results.

9. radioGAUGE is building a strong community of international radio professionals who are sharing their ideas and experiences across borders – this is making radio a more credible and profitable player in the global media industry.

10. The radioGAUGE team are all radio research experts who have worked in the radio industry for many years – very few research companies have our level of radio expertise or dedication to the medium.

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