What is radioGAUGE?

The groundbreaking system for growing radio advertising revenue

radioGAUGE is an award-winning initiative that enables radio owners to increase their revenue by demonstrating the effectiveness of radio as an advertising medium. In fact, it’s the only global standard for measuring radio effectiveness that can evaluate the power of creativity in radio advertising.

radioGAUGE was originally launched by the UK’s Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) to solve a major challenge facing the UK’s commercial radio industry. Historically, many brands seemed to use radio once and then never return.

This was mainly because inexperienced radio advertisers failed to produce creative campaigns that were optimised to get the best results from radio and subsequently blamed poor results on the medium, not the message. The RAB decided to meet this challenge by offering free research to advertisers in order to achieve three important things:

1. Measure the performance of radio campaigns for brands in any market sector

2. Evaluate the performance of the radio campaign’s creative strategy and execution

3. Educate brand owners to use the lessons of their last radio campaign to improve their next use of the medium

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Video from the UK's RAB

Member of the UK's RAB and their customers explain the benefits of radioGAUGE

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View our short PowerPoint about radioGAUGE

A few slides that tell you exactly what you need to know about radioGAUGE

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Benefits for the South African RAB

RAB South Africa explains the benefits of radioGAUGE

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