What does radioGAUGE measure?

The radioGAUGE system has measured the effectiveness over 750 radio campaigns since it was launched in 2008.  Its advertising measurement philosophy is two-fold: it respects widely held conventions about measuring advertising effectiveness, but we also aim to supplement these conventions with new research strategies that uncover the true impact of radio advertising.

radioGAUGE measures three key elements of a radio advertising campaign:

Campaign effects: a measure of how radio advertising has driven brand awareness, purchase consideration and two brand health measures provided by each participating advertiser.

Performance benchmarks: reveals how a brand’s radio campaign performed in relation to its competitors by comparing ad campaign performance to a pool of results from similar advertisers.

Creative analysis: measures the strength of a radio campaign’s creative execution and recommends how an ad’s creative execution can be improved to increase the performance of the advertiser’s next radio campaign.

In addition, every single radio ad we have tested has been re-analysed to capture the key characteristics of its creative execution.  All this information has now been gathered into what we believe is the world’s biggest database of creative effectiveness in radio advertising.

Here are some of the questions answered by the new radioGAUGE Creativity database:

  • Are male voices are more effective for radio advertising for motors brands targeting 25-44 year old men?
  • Does a consistent use of music across radio and TV uplift the effectiveness of radio advertising for FMCG brands?
  • How do excessively detailed Terms and Conditions at the end of a financial services ad influence the effectiveness of the campaign?

radioGAUGE debrief PowerPoint

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radioGAUGE for South Africa works

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