Free radioGAUGE pilot test for your market

Free radioGAUGE pilot test for your market

The radioGAUGE project recently announced a new initiative at the EGTA Radio Research Conference in Warsaw, Poland.

We are offering a free pilot trial of the award-winning advertising effectiveness system to radio organisations across the world. The free pilot study would be the full end-to-end radioGAUGE pilot launch process, which usually costs €22,000.

All we ask in return is for your organisation to work hard with us to make the pilot study in your market a success and cover the costs of our travel and accommodation when we visit you to conduct client debrief presentations.

If you believe your organisation or national radio market needs to do more to prove the effectiveness of radio advertising to media agencies and brand advertisers, I encourage you to apply for a free pilot test of the system.

radioGAUGE helped deliver a £33m revenue benefit to the UK radio industry in 2012, at an ROI of £248 for every £1 invested in the study. radioGAUGE is now running internationally in Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Finland and Australia.

For more details about radioGAUGE and this offer please click here: radioGAUGE: free pilot study offer

I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss this matter with you (or an appropriate colleague) at your earliest convenience. Please do not hesitate to contact me by email or telephone:

m: +44 7970 626 532


Our latest radioGAUGE testimonial:

If you would like to find out more about radioGAUGE you can view the egta presentation here or view the video on radioGAUGE here:

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