radioGAUGE at the India Radio Forum

radioGAUGE at the India Radio Forum

This year the India Radio Forum is being held on the 22nd May in Mumbai. A panel of radio experts will be looking at the industry’s current strengths and weaknesses, and how the radio situation can be improved in the coming years.

One of the talks will be given by Jason Brownlee – radioGAUGE’s Development Director. Jason developed radioGAUGE in 2007 with the UK’s Radio Advertising Bureau and the system has been helping commercial radio companies increase revenues ever since. In recognition of this success radioGAUGE won MediaWeek magazine’s coveted Silver award for Best Research Initiative in 2010 and now operates in the UK, South Africa, Ireland and Canada.

Details of Jason’s presentation here:

radioGAUGE is the global standard for measuring radio advertising effectiveness. Launched by the UK’s Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) in 2007, the system has contributed more than $USD45million of advertising revenue each year to the UK radio industry. radioGAUGE works by convincing advertisers that it’s the message and not the medium at fault when radio campaigns don’t produce results. It does this by using research to isolate the ‘radio effect’ in brand campaigns, and shows advertisers how to get better results from radio.

Jason Brownlee leads the international development of radioGAUGE. He will review new insights from 600 radio campaign tests made in the UK, South Africa, Ireland and Canada. Jason will also reveal the most important creative attributes that make radio commercials more effective and explain what this teaches us about the unique qualities of radio as an advertising medium.

Since 2007 radioGAUGE has tested more than 600 radio advertising campaigns in the UK, South Africa, Ireland and Canada. Jason Brownlee, International Development Director for radioGAUGE, will showcase some of the most successful and inspiring radio commercials tested by radioGAUGE from around the world that have generated fantastic results for brands and advertisers.

For more information on the India Radio Forum, please visit their website here.

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