Jason Brownlee at the Canadian BBM conference

Jason Brownlee at the Canadian BBM conference

radioGAUGE’s Jason Brownlee took to the stage at the recent BBM Staying Tuned Conference in Toronto, Canada to talk about radioGAUGE and the new insights it has generated for the commercial radio industry.

The Canadian Marketing Magazine reported from his talk:

“As the development director of radioGAUGE International, Brownlee’s insights are based on results from 600 brands across several countries, including Canada, that have used his company to poll radio listeners and non-listeners alike (as test and control groups) to evaluate the impact of creativity in radio advertising.

When it comes to making effective radio ads, Brownlee emphasized it’s all about “familiarity, familiarity, familiarity.”

The best radio ads have an “established creative route,” as Brownlee called it. Rather than use a new voice or sound mark for every ad, he suggested sticking with (you guessed it) the familiar. You want listeners to be able to tell that it’s your brand within five seconds of hearing the spot, he said. “Find your voice and stay with it; familiarity works more than anything for brands to succeed on the radio.”

The complete article can be found here.

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