Further coverage for radioGAUGE Ireland

Further coverage for radioGAUGE Ireland

IBI chairman Scott Williams and RTÉ Radio commercial director Antony Whittall have commented on radioGAUGE Ireland, which will launch in March with the first of 4 waves of radio advertising effectiveness research scheduled for 2012. Three radio campaigns will be tested in each wave, delivering 12 brand tests across the year.

“This is probably the most significant collaboration between Independent Broadcasters and RTÉ Radio,” said IBI chairman, Scott Williams. “Our investment in this project is testament to the confidence we have in the effectiveness of radio as an advertising medium.

radioGAUGE will not only help advertisers measure the effectiveness of existing campaigns it will also help advertisers understand the factors that contribute to effective radio creativity, thus improving the results of future advertising campaigns.”

“We can now measure the performance of radio campaigns for those who use our medium as an integral part of their marketing activity,” said Antony Whittall, commercial director for RTÉ Radio. “In addition radioGAUGE measures the strength of that radio campaign’s creative execution and can give feedback to all those brands that take part.

“We believe the accountability provided by radioGAUGE will be welcomed by advertisers and media buyers who are under pressure to demonstrate value for every euro spent on advertising.”

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